Dark Ambient Doom Metal

Exploitation, the call for freedom, the escape into paradise, or the value of friendship – themes like these are more recent than ever, and a source of inspiration for the Austrian band Anderwelt, which was formed three years ago in the city of Linz. Their debut album Schattenlichter exactly deals with these depths of human nature to pay homage to Richard Adamsʼ 1977 published novel The Plague Dogs. The two dogs fleeing from an experimental laboratory offer a touching story that invites everyone to discover himself/herself in it. The dark story keeps repeating itself on a large as well as on a small scale, and this should be conveyed musically, as well as visually. Heavy guitar and cello melodies create a temporary harmony, which is - exactly in the right moment - again destroyed by bestial growls. Anderwelt is no longer a newcomer band. Members have been playing in bands such as In Slumber, REAP, Olemus or U.G.F, which are well known in Linz's local music scene. Now that the debut album has finally been released, the band is available for gigs, and would like to open a door for visitors to draw them into an ANDERWELT.

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