Surf  Punk'n'Pop

Death Before Digital was founded on Valentine's Day 2015 and is thus probably the most wildromantic surf punk 'n' pop band.

It's like a trip of a nostalgic sunset on the beach, a ride on the Skateboard through the streets of Barcelona to a night out of control in a smoky dim alley bar. But not only beer, beach, skate and surf is what you will associate with a DBD show, but also deeper, romantic and melancholic emotions.

After several drinking sessions and successfully breaking out of the usual structures of everydays life their first EP "Kill Yourself" was released by Independent Audio Management in 2017. The single "Ain't got no time" immediately entered the Radio FM4 rotation - the largest alternative Radio station of Austria.

It came as it had to come and brands like Jack Daniels took up the topic and used this single for a commercial.

The outcome was that DBD played shows in Germany, Romania, Spain - lets say, almost everywhere.... 


In 2018 they started to work on their latest record "Killed" which was released in December 2019 on their own label called Gartenhaus Records. Due to hard work over the years the band built themself a dedicated fanbase as well as a network within the music industry. 

The first single "ILYFMMTY" of their latest record also happened to be on the Radio FM4 Rotation, a second single is about to be released in the near future followed by two tours through Europe.

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