Electric Fire Records

Heavy Stoner Blues

Diamond Skull is a four-piece stoner rock band, founded in 2015 in Vienna. In February 2018 their Debut single was released on Electric Fire Records, followed by their first full - Length Album "Sleepless". In August 2018, Diamond Skull's debut album was released as a 12inch vinyl and followed with the CD release in April 2018.

Diamond skulls Debut album takes you on a journey through dark nights, on dusty Highways to undiscovered worlds and distant planets. With hard-cut blues riffs, gripping Groove and great attention to detail, Diamond Skull create their own Rock'n Roll universe, thats equally straight - forward, heavy and hypnotic. The record literally keeps you awake. The gripping melodic lead vocals blend seamlessly and harmoniously with tuned down Guitar riffs, fat basses and dynamic drum grooves which ceaselessly get under the skin of the listener go. Stoner rock fans, as well as blues and metal fans get their money's worth here.

„Sleepless will keep you up at night with itshard edged bluesy riffs, mesmerizing groove, and flat out ass-kicking swagger. Join in onthe insomnia of rock n' roll paradise, you don't want to wake to a reality void of Diamond Skull. High praise.“–Bucky Brown (Doom Charts, Ripple Music)

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