Stoner Doom

Slovenian heavy fuzz rockers Omega Sun started in 2013 as an instrumental duo and after few rehearsals morphed into a proper four piece band with vocals. As of then Omega Sun played numerous gigs, also sharing the stage with Dopethrone, Unida, Kylesa, Stoner Kebab, Yawning Man, Three Eyes Left etc.

In the time in between all of that the band released is an instrumental demo from late 2013 and soon after in 2014 their first proper song as a four piece (with vocals) "Early Morning".

After some turmoil in 2017 Omega Sun finally managed to record their debut full length "Opium For The Masses"; now as a power trio consisting of Igor (vocals, bass), Seba (drums) and Aris (guitar).

In 2019 the band "accidentaly" embarked on their first world tour playing shorter tour runs over Europe and the USA.  In the meantime the band is also working on new material which is planned to be released in 2020. 

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