Progressive Metal

Shokran started as a Groove/Djent/Oriental Metal solo project by Dmitry Demyanenko in 2012, with the debut EP «Sixth Sense». In 2014, already transformed into a full-time band, Shokran released it’s debut album «Supreme Truth», that has blown away thousands of people’s minds and was shown live during the all-around Russian tour.

Later, however, there was a change in the line-up, and the band was joined by the current singer, Andrew Ivashchenko, and the bass player Valery Yushkevich.

The guys from Shokran were able to release the 2nd album called «Exodus» in 2015, but delayed the actual release date after the calls from different labels including Sumerian Records. During the long negotiations, the agreement wasn’t reached and the band decided to release «Exodus» on their own in September 2016. It was a conceptual work, that tells us about 10 Plagues of Egypt, each song of «Exodus» tells about each Plague.

The record took the band to a complete higher level. Shokran gained their respect over the world, went on the road with several tours and began to compose their new, now-upcoming album «ETHEREAL», to be released on 8th of February 2019.

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