Kafka Punk

Rocking 80s sound and lyrics that reminiscent of poetry of Nick Cave. Combined with Vocals, which could have come from Jim Morrison, results in a promising mixture of garage rock and punk - simply called „kafkapunk“. Their musical influences were processed by the three Viennese musicians of the band WarHoles in their debut album "trouble, beautiful trouble", followed by their new album „friction | ribbon | fiction“ out in November.


WarHoles serve to raw sounds, distorted guitars / basses and ecstatic lyrics the red wine instead of the beer. Even though WarHoles are totally dedicated to garage rock and have kept the formula for success with rough sound and almost minimalist chord progressions, they are still doing something different from their genre colleagues.


"(...) a bit between hard rock and then you hear something from the 80s, this Nick Cave thing. We like both and when that comes together, we like it much more. "- Christian Fuchs (Radio FM4 // House of Pain 18.11.2015) WarHoles uses within their songs a variety of stylistic devices. Sometimes drummer Ion Illus and guitarist Vincent Hadriga create a bleak soundtrack to build a melancholic mood, sometimes singer Been Orelian uses vocal lines from days of glorious rock. Nonetheless, all the songs lead to their origins - in the end they stay a stranger between rock and punk.


The origin of WarHoles is by creating a musical accompaniment to readings of Orelian's reality-distorting lyrics. This roots are particularly good to hear when they switch from hard driven punk to almost psychedelic spoken word sections within a song. WarHoles are witty, intelligent, almost well-read.

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